Folding Gluing Machine

Machine : Folding Gluing Machine
Model : E Fold 1100 – C6 (available In Different Sizes)


Applicable Meterials


250~800 g/m²

Corrugated board

E/ F flute

Basic Performance

Max. sheet size

1100 × 900 mm

Min. sheet size

120 × 60 mm

Max. belt speed


Dimensions & Weight


Approx. 16800 mm


Approx. 1800 mm


Approx. 1500 mm

Total weight

Approx. 7 t




Total power comsumption


Power supply

380V, 3 Phase, 50HZ

460V, 3 Phase, 60Hz

transformer (as option) to be chosen by ETERNA according to client’s local voltage


  • 01 The maximum technical values shown cannot be applied simultaneously

  • 02 Maximum displacement of air compressor: 0.7m³ / min

  • 03 Technical specifications are subject to change without notice

  • 04 420m/min is the maximum belt mechanical speed the machine can reach. Actual working speed is subject to paper thickness, size, shape, quality and working environment, etc.

Standard Equipment

Feeder Section
  • Designated A/C motor with micro-adjustable variable speed controller for even spacing of box blanks.
  • Seven individual adjustable feed belts (two of which are suction belts) ensure easy setup and smooth feeding.
  • Motorized embossing roller guiding the belts to transport sheets
  • Three standard feeder gates.
  • Four supporters sustain the pile of blanks for perfect feeding.
  • Four side guides.
  • Vibration system for smooth and consistent feeding.
  • Computer monitor (Standard).
  • Belt cleaning brush wheel for better cleaning of belt surface to increase the feeding stability. (Optional)
Side-alignment Section (standard)
  • The side-alignment section guarantees the stability of high speed sheet feeding between the feeder and pre-breaking section.
­­­­pre-breaking Section
  • Pre-breaking sword (180°) on the left side and belt pre-break device (165°) on the right side enable the pre-fold of the 1st and 3rd crease. line to make final filling much easier.
  • UV grinder and vacuum suction system (Optional).
Lock Bottom Section
  • Three-carrier construction meets diversified folding requirements.
  • Sectional upper carriers.
  • Easy for mounting lock bottom accessories, more operator friendly.
  • Outward folding belt (180°) on the right side, suitable for special boxes.
Backfolding System
  • Servomotor controlled back folding system for 4/6-corner box:
  • #1 and # 2 back-fold shafts controlled individually;
  • Photo blank detecting sensor can be mounted in any place;
  • Easy to take off and put on the hook, one bolt only;
  • Data entry keypad with digital display and the back folding system can be operated easily.
Gluing System
  • Two sets of conventional lower gluing pot (left and right side) at final folding section.
  • Upper gluing wheel system at lock bottom section can be applied (Optional).
  • Non-contact gluing system can be applied (Optional).
  • Non-contact gluing system (with 2 guns or more) must be applied when making lock-bottom boxes.
Final Fold Section
  • Three-carrier construction.
  • Left and right outward folding belts speed can be micro adjusted to increase folding accuracy.
Heavy Duty Double Frame Trombone Section
  • Batch counter kicker or water batch counting system for easy production.
  • Jam detector.
  • Upper and lower belts can be telescopically adjusted for easy production run.
  • In-line kicker, which needs to be applied in line with quality inspection system (Optional).
Conveyor Compression Section
  • Two operation modes of compressing belt speed:
    1. Auto – set a box single spacing, compressing belt speed is synchronized with the machine speed by ratio. It moves only when sensor detects the box coming.
    2. Manual – compressing belt keeps moving at a constant speed, regardless of main machine speed.
      • Additional sponge belt for extra compression of lower area.
      • Pneumatic pressing system for easy adjustment to increase the gluing effect.
      • Air-cylinder controlled pneumatic pressing system on conveyor section.
      • Either auxiliary conveyor or e-PACK can be applied to improve delivery efficiency (Optional).
Electrical Control
  • Programmable PLC monitor controls the whole machine’s operation and error monitoring.
  • Operator friendly design, easy and fast for commisioning.
  • Position indicator throughout the machine.
  • Touch screen for control panel.
  • Remote controller applied.
Technical Data for Fully Automatic Folder gluers
  EFOLD 1100
Straight line
A. mm(in) 100-1100 (3.9-43.3)
B. mm(in) 50-900 (2-35.4)
C. mm(in) 45-540 (1.77-21.25)
D. min.mm(in) 10(0.39)
Bottom lock
A. mm(in) 160-1100 (6.3-43.3)
B. mm(in) 100-900 (3.93-35.4)
C. min.mm(in) 50 (1.96)
D. min.mm(in) 25 (1)
E. min.mm(in) 60 (2.36)
F. min.mm(in) 25 (1)
Four corner
A. mm(in) 160-1000 (6.3-39.3)
B. mm(in) 160-900 (6.3-35.4)
D. min.mm(in) 30 (1.2)
Six Corner
A. mm(in) 290-1100 (11.4-43.3)
B. mm(in) 180-550 (7-21.6)
D. min.mm(in) 30 (1.2)
Stock Range
Carton up to 250-800g/m²
Corrugated F, E flute
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