Carton Erecting Forming Machine /
Clam Shell Machine

Automatic Carton Erecting machine is suitable for make Burger, Noodles, French fries, Popcorn boxes, Meal boxes, sweet boxes, four corner tray forming through cold glue process. (Note: Hot melt available at optional) With Firm structure, High quality, High efficiency.

Sample box

Machine layout drawing

Detailed specifications

Technical specifications
Suitable material200-600gsm white card board, PE coated paper, Kraft paper, corrugated paper thickness 1.5mm
Production speed60-160pcs/min (Different paper box shapes, the speed is different)
Blank paper sizeLength 100-450mm, Width 100-580mm, Height 15-200mm, Angle / Conicity 5-40°
Blank paper weightMax. 3mm for corrugated paper
Total power5.5KW
Total weight2200 KGS
Overall dimension3520*1465*1550mm
Packing dimension3560x1510x1690mm
Power source400V, 50HZ
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