Automatic Window Patcher

Machine: Window Patching Machine
Model: TC-800H/TC-1050H

A. Technical parameter

Blank length(mm)100-750100-750
Blank width(mm)80-80080-1050
Film length(mm)60-52060-520
Film width (mm)30-52030-840
Paper weight250-150 /㎡≤4mm250-1500 /㎡≤4mm
Film Thickness (mm)0.03-0.2mm0.03-0.2mm
Mechanical speed≦400/18000pcs/h≦400/18000pcs/h
Positioning accuracy±1mm±1mm
Power voltage380v/50Hz380v/50Hz
Machine power (kw)1012
Machine weight(About)4000KG4500KG

B. Structure

This machine is composed of these four units:

  1. Feeding unit
  2. Gluing unit
  3. Window patching unit
  4. Delivery unit.

Feeding Unit

Independent servo control motor instead of traditional clutch control system was adopted for intermittent belt conveying. Intermittent delivery distance can be adjusted according to the length of the paper. Paper feeding from the bottom, realized continuous paper feeding without stopping the machine. Compared with traditional machines, the increase of excessive paper production mechanism is more stable. (Optional suction feeding system)

Gluing Unit

Single high-hardness stainless steel tube rollers transmit the glue. The tube rollers are equipped with a sliding block which can quickly regulate glue thickness. Flexible template gluing is adopted, and the template shop can be engraved according to product requirements. The roller for template installation is graved with a base line, and the template installation is accurate, convenient and quick. Left and right position for gluing can be adjusted freely. Front and back position are adjusted with an adjusted which can adjust front, back, left and right position for gluing without shutdown. When being cleaned and maintained, the glue device can be pulled out. It can be cleaned and maintained more conveniently.

Window Patching Unit

Film roller, cutter roller and suction roller are adopt independent servo control system, user can adjust the length of the film in Human-computer interface according to product size without stopping the machine, and the front and back position of film can be done without stopping the machine.

Delivery Unit

Imported soft conveyor belt can prevent product from crushing. Paper is stacked neatly, which ensures perfect quality.

Delivery Unit

The transmission part of the whole machine except for the paper push gauge all use synchronous belt transmission.

The whole machine is fully equipped with safety protection.

The main engine motor adopts the USA WEG.

Inverter and servo motor adopt INOVANCE.

Human-computer interface and PLC adopt INOVANCE

Stroke encoder adopts Japanese Koyo.

Timing synchronizing wheel and timing belt adopt Japan Nita.

Bearing adopts original Japanese NSK and Swiss SKF (Kunshan)

Tooth bar and guide rail adopt HIWIN brand.

Principal axis adopts Shanghai hard chrome steel bar

Magnetic valve and cylinder adopt German FESTO and Taiwan AIRTAC.

Switch, button and contactor adopt French Schneider

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