Automatic Dry Film Laminating Machine

Automatic Flying Knife Film Laminator

Hot Knife option available
Model: 108E3

General features:

  • 01 High efficient: Power consumption of Flying knife is as low as 0.4kW.

  • 02 No tail film: knife blade temperatures rose to 400 °C within 3 seconds to ensure net and quick cutting.

  • 03 High Speed Cut: 80 meters per minute subject to paper size, paper thickness and paper printing.

  • 04 High cut accuracy: Double laser self-aligning device ensures perfect cutting effect.

  • 05 High precision ceramic anilox coating roller as standard to ensure super even gluing, no glue stripes, longer roller life, anti-corrosion, significant glue saving.

  • 06 Non-stop paper feeder system enables continuous feeding without machine stop to minimize waste film.

  • 07 Electric thermal powder-removal system ensures clean paper surface to enhance lamination quality.

  • 08 Electric glue drying system combined with heat recirculation system to guarantee quick heating to dry the glue and power saving.(30kW consumption in production)

Automatic Dry Film Laminating Machine

Specification Sheet
Max. laminating width (mm)10801080
Max sheet W×L (mm)1080×10801080X1450
Min sheet W×L (mm)350×350350×350
Paper thickness (gsm)100-500100-500
Film thickness (µm)6--256--25
Machine speed (m/min)10-8010-80
Machine Dimension L*W*H (mm)10765*2754*292612994*2754*2926
Machine weight (kgs) 860010200
Connected power (kw)
Production usage (kW)

Standard Function Sections

Automatic feeder

  • Servo control automatic high speed feeder.
  • Non-stop feeding device.

Side lay register

  • Mechanical side lay register.
  • High speed paper registration.

Powder Removal System

  • Electrostatic paper powder collector as standard to increase paper brightness and reduce the amount of glue.

Laminating Section

  • Electromagnetic heating system
  • Quick heating
  • Energy saving and environmental protection.

Coating System:(with Electromagnetic energy-saving system)

  • Precision ceramic roller coating
  • Significant Glue saving.

Drying system: with Electromagnetic energy-saving system)

  • Hot air circulation system
  • high speed drying
  • power saving.

Automatic Non-stop Stacker

  • Three sides paper aligning
  • Automatic speed reduction double sheet removal device.
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