Automatic Diecutter With Stripper

Automatic Diecutter With Stripper


Automatic Diecutter With Stripper

Machine: Automatic Diecutting & Creasing Machine With Stripping
Model: Ecut 1060e


Applicable Materials


80 – 2000g/m2 (subject to quality of the paper)

Corrugated Board      

thickness ≤ 4mm 

(subject to quality of the corrugated board)


Max. Cutting Size

1045 mm × 745 mm

(Maximum cutting size can be reached at 1040 mm x 730 mm when the quick locking system is dismantled from the die chase)

Inner Chase Size

1080 mm × 774 mm

Cutting Plate Size

1080 mm x 736 mm

Min. Gripper Margin

8 mm (subject to working environment, sheet quality and operation skills, etc.)

Basic Performance

Max. Sheet Size

1060 mm x 760 mm

Min. Sheet Size

400 mm x 370 mm

Max. Mechanical Speed

7500 cycles/hour

(Subject to die layout, paper quality and operation skills, etc.)

Max. Cutting Pressure

300 tons


Total Power Required

20 KW

Electrical Power         

380V, 3 phase, 50HZ

transformer (as option) to be chosen by ETERNA according to client’s local voltage

Dimensions & Weight


7075mm (including preloading system)


4290mm (including standard catawalk)


2030mm (without elevation)

Net Weight

16 tons

Compressed Air Pump

Max. Air Compressor Displacement

0.36m³/min < Equipped by user>

* The maximum technical values shown cannot be applied simultaneously

* Technical specifications are subject to change without notice

Automatic Diecutter With Stripper Specifications

  • Patented turbo spiral air blower pressing foot at feeder head
  • Four pick up and four forward suck heads with angle adjustment
  • Preloading device with rail cart and scaled gate
  • Non – stop feeder with automatic pile lift
  • Left and right side turbo air blowers
  • Motorized side adjustments of pallet table
  • Double sheet control
  • Sheet slow down device of feeder belts to assure accurate position of the sheet to the front lays with selective on/off switch
  • Synchronizing device to adjust the sheet positioning to the front lay by hand during production
  • Side lays on both sides push and pull convertible
  • Electronic side lay control to check the sheet position
  • Four individually adjustable front lays
  • Two electronic front lay controls by means of Panasonic Glasfiber optik to control the sheet arrival
  • Photo sensor safety barrier at pallet table floor level touching point
Die-Cutting Section
  • worm gear crank toggle driving system to ensure smooth and dynamic lower platen movement
  • Precision stationery upper platen
  • Sandwich hardened cutting plate
  • Pneumatic push button die chase locking mechanism to ensure safe and operator friendly during changing of the dies
  • Pneumatic clutch/brake for main drive system
  • Digital die cutting pressure tonnage display with maximum pressure limit protection
  • Seven high precision alloy gripper bars
  • High quality pre-stretched gripper bar driving chains
  • State-of-the-art 3 cam index gripper bar driving system to ensure smooth and precise gripper bar intermittent movement
  • Torque limit safety clutch to protect the index driving system in case of gripper bar crash
  • Double cam driven gripper opener and front lay swing frame without position restore spring for smooth and accurate sheet register and take off
  • Air blasting nozzle bar for stretching the thin paper before die cutting (Optional)
Stripping Section
  • Triple action movement of the upper and lower stripping frames with lower spring loaded stripping pins
  • Motorized upper frame suspending hoister
  • Upper and lower stripping tool mounting frame can be pulled out for job set up and make ready
  • Mobile control operation panel for jogging the upper frame up and down, easy and safe stripping tool set up and alignment
  • Mechanical disconnecting of lower stripping frame when it is not in use
Delivery Section
  • Automatic delivery with non – stop curtain. This curtain moves into the delivery to catch the arriving sheets during the pile exchange
  • Five individually adjustable braking brush sections for better sheet control
  • Air blower to press down sheets
  • Rear and side joggers with easy position adjustment
  • Gripper edge stripping and removing system with conveyor belt to remove the gripper edge waste sideways to the drive side (Optional)
  • Tape inserter with counter (Optional)
  • Safety device to prevent the steel pile plate from clamping on the foot when it reaches at ground level
  • Each gripper bar can be individually shimmed to ensure very accurate and smoothly sheet – transport in case of uneven chain stretching after years of production
  • Catwalk with safety rails
  • Complete lost-sheets control throughout the entire machine
  • Self-diagnostic system with indication on a colour LCD screen
  • CE certified
  • CE standard safety systems for safe operation
  • Emergency stop at arm’s length

Additional Options

Sl. No Option Qty  Amount (USD) Amount (INR)
1 5 mm hardened die cutting plate         (HRC50) -* From Germany B13001 4,100 3,07,500
2 5 mm hardened die cutting plate         (HRC45)- From China B13001A 1,080 81,000
3 Extra 1 mm hardened die cutting plates  (imported, HRC50 )- * From Germany B1328C 2,000 1,50,000
4 300mm elevation HA 5,900 4,42,500
5 Extra Die chase (Interchangable with Bobst Diechase and Die) B13002A 2,100 1,57,500
6 Side Chase Loader (without Die Chase) B17 5,500 4,12,500
7 Side Chase Loader (without Die Chase) 300mm elevation B17H 6,700 5,02,500
8 Extra stripping Frame (upper or lower stripping frame) C05001 450 33,750
9 Gripper Edge Waste Remover C06 2,700 2,02,500
10 Stripping Presetting Table without Stripping Tool C07 3,600 2,70,000
11 Stripping Presetting Table with Stripping Tool C07001 8,000 6,00,000
12 Stripping Tool C05 4,600 3,45,000
13 Quick Locking System for male Stripping Frame(Upper) C08 3,200 2,40,000
14 Paper Flattening Device in Diecutting Section 105Z034A 800 60,000
15 Sheet Separating Blowing Device at Transport Bracket – (Advice to go with auxilary blowing device for thin paper feeding ) S01 150 11,250
16 Auxiliary Blowing Device at Delivery station (For Thin Paper at Delivery Station) S02 800 60,000
17 Paper Flattening Device in Stripping Section (For Thin Paper in Stripping Station) S03 600 45,000
18 Auxiliary Blowing Device for Thin Paper Feeding S04 580 43,500
19 Tape inserter(including 8 tapes) D0100 1,300 97,500
20 Speed Display 15822 1,000 75,000
21 Ultra Sonic double Sheet Detector (for Below 600gsm stock) F105B15 1,200 90,000
22 PLC remote control (For Software upgrade and maintainance) PLC 2,430 1,82,250
23 Extra Gripper Bar Assembly with Connectors B0800A 500 37,500
  Diecutting of PET/IML/THIN Paper (Requires the Following Options) —————>      
24 Paper Flattening Device in Diecutting Section* 105Z034A 800 60,000
25 Sheet Separating Blowing Device at Transport Bracket* S01 150 11,250
26 Auxiliary Blowing Device at Delivery station* S02 800 60,000
27 Paper Flattening Device in Stripping Section* S03 600 45,000
28 Auxiliary Blowing Device for Thin Paper Feeding* S04 580 43,500
29 Anti-Static System (Made in China)* A18-1 2,850 2,13,750
30 Ultra Sonic double Sheet Detector* F105B15 1,200 90,000

Standard Options

Sl. No Option Qty
1 One operation platform 1 no.
2 One die chase (installed on the machine) 1 no.
3 Double Sheet Detector(Mechanical) 1 no.
4 Stripping Frame(upper & lower ) 1 no.
5 One 4+1mm hardened die-cutting plate (1mm cutting plate: HRC45 º -50 º) 1 no.
6 4+1mm Sandwhich Plate with ±1.2mm Micro Adjustment ( 1mm cutting plate made in China) 1 no.
7 One spare gripper bar. 1 no
8 Gripper Bar Safety Lock 1 no.
9 Waste Basket  1 no
10 Preloading device 1 no.
11 Non-stop delivery feeder 1 no.
12 One set of tools 1 no.
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