Quality Inspection and Sorting Machine

  • Offline Quality Inspection and sorting system for cartons
  • Applicable for various applications like Pharma / FMCG / Electronics / Garments etc.
  • Can inspect and sort various defects that can occur in various stages of carton production:
  • Printing
  • UV / Aqua varnish
  • Lamination
  • Embossing
  • Foil stamping
  • Braille
  • Bar code / Pharma code printing
  • Die cutting
  • Hologram

What :

  • Applicable for cartons and labels.
  • Uses high precision camera and advanced software.
  • Suitable for regular paper board cartons as well as METPET cartons.
  • Inspection of quality standards of several operations including printing, varnishing, lamination, foil stamping, cutting creasing, braille embossing etc.
  • Reduces labour.
  • Available in line with printing machine / offline systems / full sheet inspection formats.
  • Constantly evolving design and specs.

How :

  • The Focusight cameras scan some good presswork as “STANDARD” and then while the rest of the printed jobs are inspected be scanned one by one and compared with the “STANDARD”, any mis-printed or defective ones will be rejected automatically by the system. It detects every type of printing or finishing fault – color misregistration, color variations, hazing, misprints, defect in the text, spots, splashes, varnishing missing& misregistration, embossment missing& misregistration, laminating problems, die-cut problems, barcode problems, Holographic Stripe, cure& cast and many other printing problems.

Quality Inspection Machine Technical Specification

Model No500650
Max Blank Size420 x 480mm420 x 630mm
Min Blank Size100 x 100mm100 x 100mm
Transportation SpeedApprox. Upto 250m/min
Inspection SpeedApprox. Upto 250m / min
Grammage of Inspected StockApprox. 90 – 800 gsm
Total Mechanical Platform Dimension (L*W*H)Approx. 7970mm×3430mm×2240mm3000 – 12000 s/h
Total Weight4 Tons4.5 Tons
Several Special Models & Configurations available

*Quality Inspection and Sorting system would have to be carefully configured. Several options are available. Please call us for discussion with sample products that have to be inspected.

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