Automatic 5Ply Flute Laminator

Machine: 5 ply Auto Flute Laminator

Model: Lamify 5 PLY 1450 (available in different sizes)

Main Features

  1. Three-Feeder Automatic Flute Laminator is fortified model adopting two bottom feeders and one top feeder, especially suitable for laminating two single flutes into 4 ply corrugated boards, also acting as a regular flute laminator to transfer thicker and large-sized boards smoothly and freely, operator friendly.
  2. Three-Feeder Automatic Flute Laminator is applied in broad scope of papers, substrate papers from cardboards, corrugated paperboards, single layer corrugated boards which can be laminated easily and accurately, and total boards from 2 bottom feeders are maximum 4 layers

Top Paper Feeder

NOTE : Sheet length and width should be within 1mm variation and not more than that Top sheet should be flat; if the top sheet is wavy it may create air bubbles in laminated sheets.

Bottom Sheet Feeders

The corrugated paper is attached and goes through the Spring plates by suction belt and make the corrugated board delivery smoothly,especially for 3/5 and grey cardboards feeding

NOTE : 2 ply (Liner) should not be warp, cross and sheet size should be 8mm lesser than top sheet both length and width wise to get proper lamination registration.

Two Air Blowers for Bottom Two Feeders – With Magnetic Valves for timing suction

Alignment and Timing System

Synchronous Register Chains. Timing is designed by synchronous pushing claw that makes accurate registration. There are buffer designed before pushing claw striking the paper that prevent paper edge from damage. The micro adjuster allows accurate lamination of litho and substrate paper conveyed. Side register adapts entire column spring plates to guarantee laminating accuracy at full running time and at high running speed.

Gluing System

The adjustable glue roller system applies evenly on the corrugated board. The special chrome plated glue roller saves glue consumption with three sensors to prevent overflow. This recycles gluing system which refills the glue in the slot at both gluing rollers by electric glue controller. The gluing system prevents glue wasting for better performance of lamination

Pressing Conveyor

Integrated with upper and lower pressing conveyor, all boards are pressed and dried naturally until they are laminated tightly without air bubbles

Electrical Control System

  1. Operator Panel shows all operation buttons and functions. Auxiliary Operator Panels are located in the Feeder and Pressing Conveyor. The Counter calculates laminating sheets through photocell control and Fixed Speed Device ensures fixed running speed.
  2. Electrical driven systems are Schneider and Fatek from Taiwan.

Sources of Main Parts

Name Place of Origin or Materials
1.Main motor Taiwan
2.Lifting motor Taiwan(Joint venture)
3. Decelerator Taiwan(Joint venture)
4.Glue Pump Taiwan(Joint venture)
5.Clutch & Brake Nikka from Taiwan
6.Electrical drive Schneider from France, Fatek.
7.Main bearings Japan
8.Belts Japan, Italy
9.Upper Gluing Rollers knurled Stainless steel
10. Feeder Servo Motor LSH

Note: **The Brand one for reference (Subject to the change without notice)


Model Lamify 5Ply 1450
Max.Sheet Size(L x W, mm) 1450 x 1450
Min.Sheet Size(L x W, mm) 450 x 420
Thickness Top 180 ~ 800gsm cardboard
Middle 0.5-10mm
A~N Flute (2ply)
Bottom 0.5-10mm
A~N Flute (2 ply)
Accuracy (Subject to Paper Quality and Specifications ±1.5mm
Maximum Speed (Subject to Paper Quality and Specifications 5Ply 3000 sheets /hour
3Ply 4000 sheets /hour
Power AC~380V(21 kw)
Dimension: L X W X H 15686 x 2450 x 2900mm
Weight 10500 Kgs

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Lamify Advanced – 5ply Flute Laminator

Performance characteristics

This machine can laminate combination of two corrugated boards and any type of top sheet together. It can produce two -layer board (cardboard + cardboard), 3ply,4ply, 5ply, 7ply and other products.

  • Laminating type: corrugated + corrugated + cardboard, corrugated + corrugated, corrugated + cardboard, cardboard + cardboard, cardboard + gray board + cardboard, etc.
  • Automatic detection of top and bottom paper, automatic servo correction technology. Make the top paper automatically track and fit the bottom paper, and the accuracy is high.
  • The bottom paper feeding part use lead edge feeding system.
  • The multifunctional rack of the bottom paper are suitable for curved corrugated.
  • Large stainless steel glue roller(160mm) with fine anilox grinding to guarantee even glue coating even at min glue quantity.
  • The dual -use lifting platform, we can use the pre-stacker structure to push the pre -pile of paper into the platform. We can also push the stack of paper directly into the platform.
  • Special polyethylene materials on the surface of the coating roller and pressure roller, glue is automatically dropped off, free scrubbing.
  • Use a circulating glue system to reduce glue loss and stabilize glue adhesion effect.
  • One -click adjustment of the whole machine (just enter the paper size).
  • Video monitoring.
  • Servo controlled functions:
  1. Bottom feeder timing control x 2 numbers
  2. Registration servo – 4 numbers
  3. Main drive servo
  • Motorised functions to ensure automatic adjustment of:
  1. Pre-loading guides
  2. Side guides at the feeder section
  3. Feeder head – forward-backward movement
  4. Feeder to bridge – paper transportation movement
  5. feeder pile lifting
  6. Bottom sheet baffles & side guides movement for both the bottom feeders
  7. Bottom sheet length – in both the bottom feeders
  8. Conveyor front-back movement
  9. Conveyor speed adjustment for different jobs.
  10. Lubrication of specific functions.
  • Easy and quick settings of roller gap functions for sheet transportation and glue volume adjustment.
  • Suction support to handle thin/warped paper on both the bottom feeders.
  • Stainless steel anilox roller – 160 mm dia for low and uniform glue consumption. Long life.
  • Teflon coated rollers for non-stick property of glue to enable ease of maintenance.
  • Register accuracy:

1+4 ply – approx. +/- 1 mm accuracy

1+2 ply – approx. +/- 1 mm accuracy

2ply + 2ply – approx. +/- 1.5 mm accuracy


MODEL SFC-1500 SFC-1700 SFC-1900
Max Sheet 1500×1500mm 1700×1700mm 1900×1900mm
Min Sheet 360×380mm 360×400mm 500×500mm
Top Paper Thickness 120-800g 120-800g 120-800g
Max Speed 150m/min 150m/min 150m/min
Fitting Precision ±1.5mm ±1.5mm ±1.5mm
Machine Power 22KW 25KW 27KW
Bottom Paper Thickness ≤10mm(A-F corrugated board) ≥400g cardboard ≤10mm(A-F corrugated board) ≥400g cardboard ≤10mm(A-F corrugated board) ≥400g cardboard

Branch Introduction

01. Bottom Paper Feeding

Both bottom feeding part adopt lead edge feeding, the wheels use unidirectional bearing (reduce the wear of rubber wheels). The wide rubber wheels ensure that the E, F, and G corrugated does not deform.

02. Top Sheet Feeding Mechanism

Equipped with high speed feeder, and together with Becker vacuum pump. The front and rear of feeder are controlled by the servo motor. After input paper size, it will be automatically positioned. Both paper lifting and forwarding sucker can freely adjust to ensure that whether thick or thin paper can be delivered rapidly and smoothly.

03. Electrical System

Mainly using Siemens electric system to ensure machine stability, high efficiency and low failure. Using man-machine interface and PLC combination, display all the information on the screen.

04. Pre-stack Part

Pre-stack pile of paper under the condition of non-stop, improve efficiency. The width of the pre-stacker is controlled by the motor, the size of the paper is automatically positioned. The dual -use lifting platform, we can use the pre-stacker structure to push the pre -pile of paper into the platform. We can also push the stack of paper directly into the platform. And the platform can be adjusted around the actual situation of the paper stack.

05. Positioning System & Glue Roller

Equipped with sensors and servo motor, control top sheets to do independent compensation action to make sure high accuracy. The design of large stainless steel anilox roller (160mm in diameter) is stable and high-efficiency, coat evenly and save glue volume. Use a circulating glue system to reduce glue loss and stabilize glue adhesion effect.

06. Automatic Lubrication System

Lubricate the bearing regularly to prolong the service life of the bearing and save the cost.
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